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Guild Rules

Guild Charter

The following is a basic set of rules (most of them are common sense) that we expect all members of Momentus to abide by and failure under any circumstances to follow these rules could result in punishments, ranging from demotion, being removed from the raid team or even at its worst, dismissal from the guild.

Everyone is expected to read this, and all applicants must state in their application that they have done so and accept it before they can be invited to the guild.


The minimum age required to join the guild is 18, this is primarily due to the adult nature of the guild & adult nature of the atmosphere during raids.


All guild members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, whilst you are apart of Momentus you are not only representing yourself you are also representing the guild as a whole and a bad reputation spreads much faster than a good one.

Flaming/Trolling/Spamming chat channels depending on the severity could result in instant dismissal from the guild.

Whilst we understand that nobody wants to be stuck in a terrible group, Rage Quitting or “faking a disconnect” is never acceptable and anyone caught doing it will be warned! Failure to listen to these warnings could see you removed from the guild.


All members who wish to participate in raids with the guild will be expected to meet certain criteria. No member will be carried regardless of their rank in the guild, any member that delays the raid or does not come to a raid fully prepped will be asked to sit out and repeated offenses may result in your raider rank being revoked. Members will be expected to research the encounters in some way shape or form, a brief explanation will be given before each fight but everyone participating in the encounter should know their role and what is expected of them during said encounter.

All raiders should ensure they can play an alternative spec (provided their class allows) as this allows for flexibility during raid encounters and allows the management of the guild to give everyone a spot during raids as well helping to balance the raid composition.

During raids everyone in the raid must be on Discord for the entire duration of their time in the raid, failure to be on Discord can and most likely will result in you being replaced by someone who is.

Our aim is to have a light and social atmosphere whilst maintaining a serious focus during raids therefore we encourage people to chat, laugh and socialize but also understand that during tough encounters the raid leader reserves the right to ask for control over the Discord and have only designated people speaking to avoid confusion.

Raid members are expected to not make a public spectacle of things, if you see someone underperforming, not following tactics or conducting themselves with an elitist attitude we ask that you bring it to the raid leader’s attention privately and they will be dealt with accordingly.

Our progress will be done at a pace that suits the gear level of the raiders in the guild, Momentus is not looking to be the #1 ranked guild on the server. Some progress may be slow and expect all our members who raid with us to accept that wipes happen and with dedication and focus we will clear content.

Every raider will be evaluated individually based on attendance, raid performance and attitude.

Main Character

A main character must be specified when joining the raid team for core raid progression, anyone wishing to play another character must level and gear it in their own time and even then consideration will only be given to changing characters if it provides a benefit to the guild composition and raid roster.

The officers reserve the right to deny a character change request and their say is final.

Guild Bank

The Guild Bank is open to all members, only items of use during the current expansion should be donated to the bank. If you are unsure about what can & can’t be donated, please check with one of the officers.

Those who help keep the guild bank stocked with gold and items will receive a 50% AH price discount for BoE epics, flasks and other such consumables from the guild bank.

Any item purchased from the guild bank must be used by you, if we find that you have purchased an item/stack using a 50% AH discount and then proceed to sell it on the AH to make a profit your bank access will be revoked permanently effective immediately and you will be required to pay half the gold you acquired from the item’s sale as a fine.

Repairs will be provided for during raid times only, this is also based on the amount of gold that is in the bank’s coffers a low amount of gold means there will be no repairs.


Joining as a trialist, you’re expected to sign up and be available for every raid you’re invited to during your trial.