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Guild Rules

Momentus is a semi-hardcore 2 day raiding guild built around a group of players who prioritize having fun and teamwork while pushing for Cutting Edge. We take a casual and relaxed approach to raiding at a high level, and do our best to create an environment outside of the main raid nights where both raiders and casual players can feel welcome by organizing optional group events and maintaining an active Discord server. 

Our roster is made up of a diverse group of players who each bring something unique to the team, and engage in many different aspects of the game. At our core, the goal of Momentus is to achieve Cutting Edge each tier with a group of mature players who may not have the time for a 3 day Guild.

Guild policies

  • Minimum age of 18

Momentus is an 18+ guild, and people who are below this age will not be permitted to join. 

  • Trialing

The Trialing process begins with your application, and runs for 4 raid days. After your second raid, you will have a meeting to discuss your trial with the Officer team. The goal is for Officers to provide any feedback, and for you to be able to voice any questions or concerns you may have. On completion of your trial, you will be promoted to the rank of Raider. If you fail to complete your trial based on performance you will be offered the rank of Member if you wish to remain in the guild. 

The Officer team reserves the right to fail a trial based on issues of performance, compatibility, etc

  • Contributions

Momentus uses a contributions system to fund the Guild bank and provide Raiders with flasks and feasts during raid times. We use this system so that Raiders are able to keep any BoE items that drop, either for themselves or to sell. 

The system is based around an average of the amount of cauldrons and feasts that we use in a month, divided by the number of players in the raid. Raiders are able to contribute materials or gold, depending on their preference, and the amount of gold is calculated based on the current market value of one month’s raiding. 

Due to the purpose of the system, these contributions are mandatory for all Raiders to ensure that we have the funds and materials we need for progression raiding.

Guild policies (Raiding)

  • Main character expectations and rules

When a Raider is added to the Momentus roster, they are expected to play the character for which their trial was completed. An alt, if geared, may be requested on occasion for specific circumstances, but the player’s main character should be the character that they focus on for gear progression, and skill acquisition. 

If a Raider wishes to reroll to a new class or switch an alt to be their main, they must first request to do so by contacting an Officer. The Officer team may refuse the Raiders request, or defer approval until the next raid tier.

  • Know your role

All Raiders in Momentus are expected to have knowledge of their class and spec, including but not limited to rotation, cooldowns and utility. Players who are underperforming to an extreme will have a meeting with the Officer team to discuss improvements that can be made using WarcraftLogs and other performance tracking tools, and a time-frame for improvement will be agreed upon. If  the player continues to underperform, they may be benched or offered a position in the guild as a member.

  • Out of Raid character progression

Raiders are required to keep their characters up to date, through the Great Vault, PVP and acquisition of Raid and Mythic+ loot. We expect all Raiders know which gear pieces they are aiming to acquire, know how to sim, and what pieces it may be optimal to switch out for any given encounter. Keeping yourself up to date includes any extra player power acquisition through quests or scenarios, for example Torghast.

  • Research the encounters

All Raiders in Momentus are expected to research encounters beforehand. It is not necessary to know and memorise every detail but a general knowledge of mechanics is expected and Raiders who are obviously extremely underprepared will receive a warning.

  • Come prepared

Raiders should arrive to the instance prepared for raiding - their gear should be enchanted and gemmed appropriately, they should have enough consumables on hand for the length of the raid and should bring extra food and flasks in case they are required. 

  • Use the lateness channel

The Momentus discord has a channel specifically for Raiders to report if they are going to be late for raid, or are unable to raid on any particular days. This allows the Officer team to easily track who is available, and prevents this information from getting lost in DMs. Raiders are expected to utilise this channel, as well as setting their status on WoWAudit on dates they are unavailable. If a Raider is missing on a raid day and has not made it known they will receive a warning - it is important to use both the lateness channel and WoWAudit.


  • WowAudit

We send out our rosters using WoWAudit - If you have an account with your character linked, this will enable you to set your available and warn us of any upcoming absences

  • RCLootCouncil

All Raiders are expected to have RCLootCouncil installed and updated in order to be considered for loot as this is the system we use to manage it. 

  • Weakauras

Momentus often uses per boss, or raid-wide weakauras and all Raiders must have weakauras installed to ensure they operate correctly. 

  • Boss Mods

All raiders in Momentus are expected to have BigWigs or DBM installed.

  • Warcraft logs

Momentus uses Warcraftlogs extensively as a tool for adjusting strategies, planning team comps and tracking raider’s performance. It is expected that you at least have a base level understanding of how to use the site for your own use.